Gran Turismo 5: AC Cars 427 S/C

Shelby Cobra spoof or not? That is the question.
AC Cars 427 S/C ’66
Power: 487bhp
Weight: 1311kg
Price: 423,200 Cr.
Prize: No
0-60: 4.261 seconds
0-100: 8.386 seconds
¼ mile: 12.307 seconds
1 mile: 29.911 seconds
Max Speed: 167.8mph
Max G-Force: 0.69G
Drivetrain: FR
This thing surely might have been the bane of many existences in the previous installment of Gran Turismo, GT4. This was because of this car’s presence in the three classic events of the game – Euro Classic Car, World Classic and the notorious ‘1000 miles’ race.
Thankfully, the AC is not a factor here but believe me, it is one of the killers of all classics even now. And now I’ve had it in my hands, what I do have to say is, that it is excellent.
As you can see here pictured, the AC is very much sliding a lot. This is what it does best, and it does it extremely, extremely well.
480+hp is plenty, and 1311kg is enough to keep it stable, along with the FR drivetrain which allows for some breathing room. If this were MR, I’d have fallen off the edge of these cliffs here on Eiger and I sure as hell would not be speaking with you today.
This is, as you can imagine, extremely fun. On tracks like this, the AC’s sliding is very well balanced, and if it gets near the limit, just lift from the throttle and all will be well. This car is surprisingly easy to get in a slide and keep it there.
Plus, in addition to that, you also have the ton of power that ensures your getaway from the corner you just slid through will be a fast one. The size and torque obviously outnumbers it a little but the wheelspin is never that threatening. 4.2 seconds to 60 is not even that amazing but it can certainly still hang with most modern boys.
Obviously top speed is too low to make it a lethal weapon on speedy tracks but then this is meant to be a muscle replica after all. And it does far better than most muscles. The question of if it is faster than a Shelby Cobra in this game isn’t quite known by me yet, but what I will say is this: this beats a normal Cobra by a million miles.
The Cobra is much harder to control and with the lighter weight and extra power feels so much more awkward. You also have to have the top down on the Cobra always. But the AC is a lot easier, and looks better with that top down. It also comes in more colours too, including the notable black with gold stripe version. Personally, I’d have it in blue with white stripe, because…well, why anything else, really?
The AC is also cheaper. 423,000 may seem like a lot to fathom originally. And it is – until you realise the Cobra is a full 100,000 more and can’t be sold. So you see, you win the deal in so many ways.
Really, this completely renders the Cobra obsolete (save for non Premium status obviously). If you really did buy a Cobra instead of this (unless you did the good thing and won it instead), I wish you luck in your struggle. Buy this next time and rejoice.

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