Forza Motorsport 6: Willy’s Jeep

Most racing games have their oddballs, and you’ll be seeing a couple of Forza 6’s in here. This is the first of those, Willy’s Jeep.
The Jeep is often heralded as one of the most important creations of World War 2 (which we won, by the way), around the time when it was made. While this is undoubtedly correct, I’m not really to know how it compares to other figures of WW2, since my knowledge of it is limited mostly to a lot of British history and quite a bit of German, with a light sprinkling of Russian and a mostly unfortunate knowledge of Japanese. (If you know, you know…)
American bits haven’t really crossed my mind too often. And I’m afraid I’m probably not going to learn much more by driving it in a racing game made 70 years after this model was built.
Still, while it’s here, why not?
The Jeep actually seems quite brisk off the line – but then it would, with its AWD system. Although I suspect the gradient of Watkins Glen’s start line might have had something to do with it as well.
Though in this regard it isn’t as slow as its age would suggest, you quickly run into a problem with it – it hits top speed far too quickly. Even though it struggles with hills unsurprisingly, it still runs into the redline a lot and you spend a lot of time at its top speed of 78mph, which does get a little weary. It sounds a little weary too if I’m honest, since the drone from the engine isn’t particularly inspiring.
Obviously when a car is as slow as this it’s not going to be difficult to drive and the Jeep isn’t either. However even in corners it does squirm about under braking, if you ever end up doing that. You can mostly plough through quite a lot of corners without them, and that’s fine. But even if you do it’s not exactly threatening. You can get perfect turn after perfect turn in this, easily.
The cameras on the car are actually quite worth a mention. With onboard views, a lot of cars either have it or they don’t. The Jeep really doesn’t. That bar marking the top of the windscreen gets right in your vision, and as a result it’s quite hard to concentrate on much else when driving like that.
However, while most cars have dreadful hood views, the Jeep’s is perfectly alright. The fact you can actually see the road on either side of you makes it much better than a great many hood views, and since the chase cams aren’t the greatest on this either (and I don’t like bumper view in anything with this game), hood view is the one to go for here.
Of course, the Jeep is quite out of place in a game like this. You’re not going to be racing anything in it certainly, and that means it’s in here for one big reason; to drive it.
And in that regard, despite the faults, I like it. Because it’s just one of those cool pieces of history you can admire for being in a game that, more than anything else, celebrates the car in almost every way possible.
So you shouldn’t really buy one. But you should be thankful this game gives you the choice.

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