Forza Motorsport 6: TVR Sagaris

TVR started to make a lot of stuff very similar to everything they made from the 2000s onwards, as their financial woes became more and more clear. This was the only car to come out after TVR had supposedly been ‘rescued’ by a Russian owner, except we haven’t heard from them since.
The Sagaris is certainly my favourite and certainly the maddest looking. I mean, it’s got side-exit exhausts! And everything else about it looks almost comically aggressive. That hood, those slashes on the side and indeed on the front as well, the asymmetrical roof…and you can take it in the typical TVR paint, the fantastic colour shift ‘Reflex Spice’.
That said, compared to most TVRs it is well balanced. Which probably says more about the other TVRs than anything.
It seems to pack rather more speed than a typical TVR too. The trademark 4-litre straight-six engine makes 406bhp here, and of course with a short fibreglass body it weighs next to nothing. Its speed is all clear for you to see.
But being as it is, can it stay sane? Well…yes.
Acceleration is a little hard to gauge, since everything seems to rummage around off the start line at Daytona. But the way it slewed about off the line was noticeable. It didn’t turn out to be much cause for alarm, but immediately it gives you some idea of just what the Sagaris is like.
And, sure enough, the Sagaris is just about holdable. In fact it’s quite a bit more than that. For a slidey car, it’s rather good.
Cars like this are either hard to reign back in from a slide, or take more effort than is ideal to break traction. The Sagaris just slides out of corners in one slick, controlled move, and in that regard it’s far easier to keep it under control.
Of course, you can’t just go out and do whatever in it. Obviously you have to pay attention to where it’s going or else it’ll just spin you around. After that it’s a little hard to get it back in a straight line. You can do donuts aplenty in this, be assured.
At high speed, you also can’t take too many chances when braking. Daytona’s chicane makes you sit up and notice that, and you can’t throw it into that either else the Sagaris tends to misbehave a little too much. This is especially noticeable when you consider just how much speed that engine gives it.
It really does go down the long straights, and here it’s just what you’d expect from a muscular beast like this one. In that regard the Sagaris is a success, for sure.
The Sagaris is as outrageous as its unusual and quirky looks and statistics suggest. While it’s not one for the lazier driver, if you’re sitting up and paying attention you can really make the TVR work. If you’re serious about this game, you’ll find a great package in this British bruiser.
Now to wait and see if the company finally comes back…

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