Forza Motorsport 6: Renault Megane RS

I love me some hot hatch action. There are countless hot hatches I like, but while there are many things I like many of, I always manage to find my favourite within all of them. This is mine, among all the great hot hatches.
The Megane RS became my favourite car on sale today not long after I discovered it. And dare I say it, it probably still is my favourite car on sale today.
It’s certainly quite powerful for a hot hatch, for a start. Though this is the original version of this Megane RS which has ‘only’ 250bhp, they’ve now upped the real model to 275. Nowadays that’s what you really need to get by in the hot hatch world, short of having a Golf badge on the back.
Of course though, I wouldn’t have minded how much power it had regardless because I think it just looks so damn good.
While the shape is good in any colour, the whole car looks best for sure in yellow. This yellow is probably the best colour I’ve seen because it shows the Megane’s brilliant looks perfectly. Mostly this is because it blends so well with all the black body parts on it. It’s quite difficult to quantify just how good it looks because it’s just great from every single angle. I’ve seen many complaints about some modern styles, but this gets it just right.
That alone would be worth buying it for…but of course in the world of Forza 6, you’ve also got to go fast to win races. And knowing the Megane’s pedigree in real life, it should be just as brilliant here.
Though it’s not the most powerful Megane, the speed of this in a straight line and aggression under acceleration is very surprising. It’s much more rapid than the stats suggest here. And the sound is a superb growl. Only in the chase cams though – everywhere else it’s mostly just the turbo reminding you that it’s boosting this 2-litre straight-4.
But when I got to Catalunya’s first turn…I was left rather wanting. Because it understeered wide. Just as the last two Renault hot hatches I’ve reviewed did.
Of course a front-wheel-driver is going to do this naturally, but I thought the Megane would be capable enough to nullify some of it. Turns out it is…if you know what you’re doing. And you’re in the right place.
See, the Megane is left rather struggling if you lift off the throttle. But if you put it back on again, the Megane breezes through corners. So the way to drive the Megane is to keep on the throttle as much as possible. Which would be fine in some games where you can win even just by holding it down. Sadly, Forza 6 is not one of those games.
You’ll have to put up with the understeer at some point, and the only real way to get around it is to take corners more slowly and precisely. This isn’t too difficult in the Megane thankfully. However, in a long, tight turn, it is nearly impossible to get the Megane round it perfectly.
So as it happens, this is the third Renault hot hatch I’ve tested but also the third that has disappointed. Not sure what it is with them, but the Megane, while probably the best of them overall, still won’t be for everyone.
Indeed, to get the best out of it you need not just patience but also a degree of timing; picking the right moment to floor it so the Megane gets round as fast as possible. I do not have this and sadly, if you don’t, the Megane is not for you. But if you can get it down, it should fly.
Still, you can always look at it if you want…I think that’s all I’ve got with it. The car I love has rejected me. Sob.

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