Forza Motorsport 6: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

The Evo VIII was the one that really started my Evo love, because that’s what the rally car model was. Sure it might have been at a time when Makinen was gone and when Mitsubishi was left rather high and dry, and at a point when the WRC was on the highway to hell from which it still hasn’t gotten off, but still…what a wonderful thing it was.
As a result, the Evo VIII has by and large always been one of my favourites…and possibly my favourite ever. But around the time that love was building, the Evo X had come about. And since then it has, quite naturally, been the Evo I’ve been closest to.
So my favourite has constantly flickered between these two. And I still haven’t been able to call it. I suspect Forza might give me an answer, though…and this has both of them in it.
Also, yes. The IX is here too but I’ve never really thought that was great. It was cool in GT5:p, but you had to use it there. And not even the wagon made much of a difference, chiefly because it was never sold outside of Japan. Also there wasn’t an FQ400 of that, but there was of this. So I’m afraid I’ll be politely ignoring it for most of the time in this game.
The VII, meanwhile, which was the first form of this Lancer generation, took me a while to even get interested in at all. But I’ve since come to like that in certain guises, and the GT-A has always been a nice change from the norm. That’s not here though. Let’s just get onto the VIII.
The principles that the Evo has are all here on display. Swift acceleration (if it doesn’t bog down on you), turbo noises absolutely everywhere you look, and great cornering.
Indeed, sure enough, the factors that made the Evo VI so good are on show here too; you can do whatever you like and the Evo VIII will stay on the road while still going at a pace fast enough to do what you want in this game; win races. But the Evo VIII goes a little further than that…
Whilst the Evo VI merely kept you on the black stuff, the Evo VIII doesn’t just do that. It can keep you right on the racing line without even trying. And that makes it even faster.
An effortlessly fast car was already good enough. But this manages to be effortlessly fast, competitive and effective…to a level further than anything I’ve yet seen in this game.
It gets even better. On the Prague circuit’s kinks, you can go in at absolutely undiminished speed and you’ll come out completely unshaken. The Evo blitzes through turns like these, making it faster still. And this is over Prague’s awkward surface, too.
Bear in mind that Prague is also a ridiculously wide circuit in general and your chances of crashing in certain points are absolutely nought. Even in the tighter bits, you’re still all in control, and that’s exactly where you want to be.
Most of the Evos could probably manage something to this effect – as seen in the Evo VI – but the Evo VIII performs to an even greater extent than any other. And of course, it’s even faster than the rest before it…
Indeed, all the Evos are available as first cars for you to buy in this game. Naturally, I went for one without hesitation. But which one would I get? The X had less PI than the the others, I didn’t particularly fancy the IX and the VI was worse off in three categories than the VIII. So the choice was clear; the middle ground was what to go for. I’m happy to say it has served me very well so far, and whilst that Evo has always been slightly modded, based on this stock performance it looks like the X will have to do quite a lot to match it.
Oh, and of course upon buying it I also found out I could choose my livery for it. And though it’s one Evo ahead, based on how much I love it, what else could I pick?
Oh, how I wish they could bring the CT230R back…

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