Forza Motorsport 6: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

I’ve gone on in previous reviews just why I love the Mitsubishi Evo so much. In short, it’s all down to my childhood.
That said, though I’m in the know about all ten, Forza has limited us to a choice of just four. And the VI here is the oldest – which is not quite right for me.
I’ve changed my opinion quite a lot on Evos over time and right now I’d call the Evo VI my favourite of the three that came from its generation – 4 through 6. This is also bundling in the Evo ‘6.5’ that the Tommi Makinen Edition is referred to. It looks right, feels right, and sounds right – and of course it was part of the peak of the Evo’s competitive brilliance.
But Turn 10 have somehow managed to miss an entire block of the cars. Surely they could easily squeeze in the original Evo, or do me a favour and fit in my favourite of the original three, and the most important of that bunch – the Evo III.
But no. The Evo VI is the earliest we’re making do with, so let’s see what’s what.
Having gotten plenty of colours wrong recently as mentioned with the RS2 (I thought the Defender’s white was silver too, if I’m honest), this time I wasn’t even given the luxury of choosing my favourite colour as Lance Blue is not an option here for whatever reason. I can get something close to it, yet that still looked wrong. So I stuck with the darker blue here.
But after getting over this annoying oversight, I got down to business. The acceleration away was, as expected, speedy. And after that, I just went to try and do what I always do with an Evo – just drive.
And it did just that, without any real complaint. Whereas some cars can’t handle your input, or others throw you about if you try, the Evo just lets you get on with the job at hand.
If you take it easy and precisely, it rewards you by being a perfectly well-balanced. But if you take it up a notch, it lets you do that just fine. It always stays on the black stuff, and when you turn it up, it just says “OK” and does just that.
Frankly, that’s just what I want from a car. No fuss when I want to do what I want. The Evo fits the bill perfectly.
That said, this isn’t quite my favourite Evo. That is up ahead and I dare say that it will be even better to drive. This one can understeer a bit, though not stupidly.
The speedo also can’t keep up with it. The gearing does seem rather higher than an Evo would get, and indeed the car shoots well past the 180kmh (112mph – the Japanese limit) readout here. Weirdly, the GTO above has the same readout but despite clearly saying kmh, it actually responds as if it were reading in mph. Oops.
But this Evo here still proves just why I love the breed so much. It just does what it asks of you, at a brisk and sporty enough pace to do things in this game. If you haven’t tried one yet, where have you been looking?

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