Forza Motorsport 6: Maserati MC12

The Maserati MC12 was literally one of my poster cars. Well, not a car on an actual poster but rather one I owned as a model. I still do actually. In a rather worse state than it came in, admittedly, but whatever.
That model was a cool one. You could lift up the bonnet containing that big engine and you could take the roof off as well. I’ve lost the roof now, though. Also one of the wheels isn’t really on it and the spoiler has come off.
But never mind, because the thing just looked so damn good. And why wouldn’t it, being one of the top supercars at the time.
The MC12 was basically conceived as a reason to make the Enzo Ferrari go racing. It has the same chassis, a slightly modified version of its V12 engine making 624bhp, and other internals. But crucially it looks nearly completely different. It looks absolutely mad. And the largeness of the car makes it even clearer.
This road car got rather mixed reviews in real life, it must be said. As a supercar turned up to 11, the inherent problems with a supercar were made very clear with this. But practicalities are of no concern in Forza 6. This thing is here just to go fast and be a good racer. And if it’s a racer you’re looking for, this looks very promising…given what it actually did in racing.
I’m no fan of racing dominance; in fact, it often makes or breaks a series in my eyes. The MC12 was sadly party to a great example of this. In FIA GT1, it won a championship in literally every season it competed in. It’s worth noting that FIA GT1 is no longer with us, sadly…and one suspects this might have done a lot of the damage.
But you can’t argue with the facts. And though that was the full racer, rather than the homologation version here, you’d expect some of that ability to be translated to this base car. And isn’t it just.
The stability of this car is hugely impressive. It is rarely undone by any speedy manoeuvre you take through a corner, and it makes it so, so much faster. If you want to get around a track quickly, this is a superb choice.
Sure, though the V12 might have been impressive back then and is still rapid here it’s not quite as fast as modern standards. Up the Kemmel Straight it’s a little hard-worked, and the aerodynamics quite obviously limit it down the straights.
But what it loses in the straights, it seriously gains in the corners. And the V12 is providing the song you’d expect it too, albeit at a lower pitch than might be expected. It’s only properly loud well into the redline.
Speaking of which, you can even force the MC12 into that if you try. While it’s not naturally given to spinning the wheels through a turn, you can make it happen if you push it hard enough. And while it’s not perfect in a slide, it’s not hopeless in one either.
If you go at a perfectly reasonable racing speed, the MC12 shines. It’s a highly, highly commendable machine even though it’s 11 years old. Wow…this thing is 11 years old. Sure doesn’t feel it…
You really, really ought to give this thing a go because it will reward you so well. It can make you go fast without even trying. Other cars like it are difficult beasts to handle but the MC12 feels no more perilous than sunbathing. And with that you can go like hell in it no matter what. The price is high – over 600,000 Cr – but it can pay off its price tag, for sure.

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