Forza Motorsport 6: Koenigsegg One:1

If there’s one thing that will attract me to a new car these days, it’s a big stat. Koenigsegg are doing it in spades right now.
Now in production is their latest and greatest wheeze, the Regera. Quite apart from how beautiful it looks, a great evolution on the established Koenigsegg theme, it has a 5-litre V8 and three electric motors producing a theoretical maximum of 1822bhp (1500 in practice) through a one-speed gearbox. Its claimed 0-186mph time is 10.6 seconds, its 0-250mph time…20 seconds. And it’s also a targa top. One day, it will come to a video game near us very soon, and it will be glorious. But it isn’t here yet. Instead this is Koenigsegg’s final version of its second act, the Agera. This is the One:1.
It’s named for its power to weight ratio. Which means it has 1340bhp. It weighs a little more than 1340kg because it bases its name off PS. But in any case, the stats are biblical.
The One:1 is meant more as a track car than previous Koenigseggs. The sheer look of the thing probably tells you that. The wing on the back looks simply bonkers. Rather than simply sticking it on the back, it protudes right across the car’s entire rear. And it also happens to be an airbrake. There’s plenty of extra carbon paraphernalia too compared to the base Agera which you can also drive in Forza 6.
In the real world, the One:1 set a time of ‘only’ under 12 seconds to get to 186mph, a world record. Judging by what it does in this game, I can believe that. The way it picks up speed through third and fourth gears, well past 100, is way more than you can process. It’s way more than any car has a right to. It’s simply remarkable.
But surely it would fall to pieces when trying to accelerate out of a corner. But really, you do know full well that all the power from that high-pitched, roaring V8 is in the back and consequently you know to stay very far away from it. Which means it’s mostly fine in the corners.
Obviously once you do get it on the throttle enough it will slide about a little. But it’s really not hard to keep it in check. If you do go a little far, it does give you time to fix it back up. Not bad when you consider it has the most power in the entire game…
If there is any issue in cornering terms it’d be getting the car stopped in time. It’s not too hard to work out why. A car with as much speed as this needs plenty of time to stop. So you’d better be on it all the time. Else you’re going straight off the track and/or into the barrier.
But in any case this is without question one of the game’s very fastest cars. There are a select few cars who could perhaps hang onto it down a straight. But at the maximum this would be among the best of them. And in the corners, it would probably have their number. Because even if the brakes and handling aren’t completely perfect, it’s better than any other road car that could hang onto it.
The Koenigsegg is one of those cars you really do just have to experience in Forza 6. Certainly its sheer speed does have to be experienced to be believed. And yet, you can get it round the whole track as well. Not just down the longest straight it has to offer. It’s not the greatest drive in the game but it does feel very special when you are driving it.
Oh, and this is a targa top too. But you can’t take it off in Forza 6. If only you could…and if only they could now get the Regera. One for Forza 7, that’s for sure.

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