Forza Motorsport 6: Jaguar Project 7

I was disappointed with the Jaguar F-Type in this game. It wasn’t anything like I expected it to be and consequently I did not feel comfortable driving it. Also it was the wrong version in my mind. The R is great but I’d have liked it to be with 4WD and with the top off.
Luckily, there is now an equivalent to suit. And it’s possibly even better than the R, albeit more limited. This is the Jaguar F-Type Project 7.
The 5.0 V8 is now pumped up to 567bhp, Jaguar’s most powerful production car. Also the top is off on this, which means it looks even better. Although I’m not sure about the stripe and roundels. And I’m definitely not so sure about the spoiler or indeed the rest of the carbon paraphernalia. But I suspect that it helps the Project 7’s cause a lot. And I suppose the D-Type influenced haunch is nice as well.
Even with extra power, the F-Type still remains reassuringly stable under initial acceleration. That’s already a good sign but it gets better yet. Because the cornering is a great deal different to the ordinary F-Type…and much better at it.
Whereas the Coupe threw a fit when you tried to slide but was also a nervy car to keep straight, the Project 7 can slide very consistently, very often and very safely. And that’s exactly what you’d expect an F-Type to be. Only a big cock-up will send it spinning too, as its slides are always very controlled and generally nice and lovely. This is just what I want from a car such as this.
Obviously, speed is at a premium with this. But you don’t tend to notice it so much because you’re too busy spinning the rears to give a damn. That said, when you aren’t doing that all the extra stability helps massively.
There is one crucial aspect where the Project 7 really scores over its ordinary Coupe variant though, which is; it feels so much more like an F-Type should.
The engine sounds much more like the real thing. It’s got the right sort of note from a V8, and even better, it makes all the (fake) crackles that the real one does as well. So they have absolutely nailed that this time. And you can even hear the supercharger going at with the V8 as well. This is a far better car than the Coupe, make no mistake.
That said, the Project 7 is not absolutely invincible. The one big flaw that stands out is the brakes. They tend to be not good enough, most especially into slow corners. ABS flicks like mad and means that at around 40, you just don’t stop at all. You can probably get used to this, but even then it will still catch you out. So make sure you take caution in these instances.
The Project 7 is a far better representation of the really rather lovely F-Type and I’m very glad it’s come around and made its way into Forza 6. Far from being a mere copy of the base R Coupe, this is a very different car, quite apart from the fact the roof’s come off, other bits and pieces have been added and the engine’s been upped. It is, quite simply, better in every important aspect. It’s just what I expect an F-Type to be, and I can therefore recommend it wholeheartedly.

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