Forza Motorsport 6: Jaguar F-Type

If there’s a sports car I’d buy more than any other today, it would be this, without question.
I’ve always really quite liked Jaguar, although before this came out most of their stuff was getting a bit long in the tooth. Except maybe the XJ – which remains my favourite luxury car right now.
But the F-Type had been hyped up massively before release and lived up to it once it went into production. The looks were the biggest factor by far, and I agree that the convertible is incredibly attractive.
Mind you, whilst the coupe which eventually came was still rather good, it didn’t quite meet the convertible’s standards. However, with its release came the introduction of the top level F-Type – the ‘R’ model.
With 550bhp from the supercharged 5-litre V8, the performance was always likely to be immense. However, much of the praise towards the F-Type went towards the V6 S model, rather than the V8, and neither the R nor the Coupe were seen as quite as good.
Me, though? I don’t give a damn. Because all I can say is…why not go for the fastest? To hell with the expense, if it blows away all the other F-Types it’s good enough for me. This is a mindset I hold for almost all cars these days…
And Turn 10, unsurprisingly, went that way too. So here’s the fastest of the F-Types…although it now has the option of 4WD. Knowing my experience that model would have been even safer, but hey, nothing a little drivetrain swap can’t do I guess. Here’s the RWD version…
Firstly, the stability under initial acceleration is great. The gearing seems short, but when there’s 8 speeds it’s probably to be expected. And it certainly helps. Going off this, I thought that the same would hold for the corners, which would have been a surprise. I was expecting tail-out action 100% of the time…
…but before I could get down to that, I had to brake. And unfortunately on this car they’re not very good. Still, if you do manage to make it through the corner properly it’s alright, but if you do tap on the throttle, then you do get some tail-out action.
Unfortunately, it’s never the sort you want. If you’re just keeping it straight and true, it is a minor inconvenience, though relatively harmless. If you are wanting to slide it though, then you can, for sure…just don’t expect a modicum of success.
The sweet spot for this car in terms of sliding is ridiculously small. You have to be perfect with the throttle control to make it work properly. Too little and it sort of slides, but not enough to be exciting. Plus it’s not where you want to be in this car…on full throttle. Unfortunately that typically roaring V8 often sends the car into a frenzy if you use it as such. Turn in, and you spin so, so often if you go at it for too long. So while the F-Type seems to deliver the best of both worlds, it gives you the worst instead.
Still, a more accomplished driver than me could probably find that sweet spot more often and actually make the F-Type not only an effective slider, but also an effective racer too.
Me? Well, I thought the 4WD version would be better for me…then I thought I could go without it. Now, though? Definitely. Without hesitation.

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