Forza Motorsport 6: GMC Vandura

A somewhat popular joke car theme that occurs in games is vans. This is one that Forza has gone for, the GMC Vandura.
It’s even more jokey than usual because whereas a modern van would just look relatively normal, this is an older van and so it looks even more out of place than usual.
This particular one looks like a chest freezer in white. Or indeed any colour at all really.
Of course to drive it is pretty hopeless. It’s far too heavy to go fast at all on either a straight or a corner. Still, it has plenty of torque…although without it, it’s hard to say whether it would move at all. The sound is also as you’d expect, a very ordinary rattle that hints at the engine trying its hardest to do something but ultimately not succeeding. It just turns its power into noise, but not a whole lot of movement.
Another amusing aspect of this car is the hood view. As you’ve probably guessed, there’s not much of a hood view at all because the hood in question is not really there. This does however make it usable, so there’s that…also inspection of the chase cam reveals the loading space to be completely empty…and that’s wrong. Never should the back of a van ever be empty…
…or indeed plain. Sure, the white van craze here is a thing and there are many white vans driving around the country getting many things done. But there are plenty with branding down the side to go with the company they do stuff for. So I thought I’d do the same to my Vandura. Unfortunately there wasn’t the time to go and make one myself, to make one for a chest freezer company…with the Vandura itself being the freezer. So I had to go look for one instead. It was difficult, and if you’ve seen some of the liveries a little…well, morbid, actually. But I had one eventually…
…Yeah, not entirely fitting of an American van, is it?
Still, among joke cars this is right up there as one of the silliest. But there have been examples of vans that can be even more laughable. Colin McRae Rally 3 featured a Ford Transit which was not only somewhat fast (not in the context of that game, but relative to this…) but actually had stuff in the back – which naturally would fall out if you cocked up enough to open the back doors by smashing them to bits.
That’s that though, this is Forza 6 and here, if you wanna have a little fun, there’s no harm in trying this silly box of a van. Even GMC is somewhat of a joke over here, even if this series has proved they made some good stuff. But hey, what am I saying. There’s only one thing it really is for..

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