Forza Motorsport 6: GMC Syclone

I first found out about the GMC Syclone through Forza 4, actually. I read up about it on the website describing all the cars.
They made it sound like a fantastic proposition. The Syclone was dubbed a ‘mad science experiment’ done on a Sonoma pickup truck. With a turbocharged V6 under the hood, and an all-wheel-drive system, it sounded good for me already.
The Syclone was stated to be genuinely fast and remarkably grippy. So I thought I’d give it a shot right now.
Sure enough, as I got off the line the AWD made it brisk straight away…but no more than that. Indeed, the engine only makes 280hp, which isn’t quite sporty enough for a pickup truck by modern standards. 1991 yes, but here…not really.
And then I got to a corner, at which point all became clear; a pickup truck, no matter how sporty you make it, is still a pickup truck.
It just cannot turn at all. In fact, most of the time the brakes are nowhere near good enough to even get you stopped for the first corner at high speed, which on a course like Indianapolis…sort of matters.
The engine sounds alright enough and it seems to make some fairly interesting noises but it’s when the engine isn’t making any that the Syclone just struggles so much.
And sure enough, there isn’t even any real speed for you to use anyway. There isn’t a great deal of power behind it and down the straights here it kind of shows.
Frankly, the Syclone disappointed massively and it proved that what Turn 10 was talking about is a load of rubbish.
It looks rather good to my eyes, at least. But no matter how much I praise the looks of anything, it doesn’t change how well it does in this game and it certainly won’t make the Syclone any faster around a race track.
I was planning on saying I was disappointed the GMC Typhoon didn’t make it into the game, as had I liked the Syclone, I reckon that would have produced the same sort of thrill.
Instead I find myself realising that, as the heavier car, it would be even worse. And I’m afraid I can’t really recommend the Syclone as a car to drive in this game, either.

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