Forza Motorsport 6: Ferrari FXXK

The LaFerrari remains one of the best cars I’ve driven in Forza 6. The way it manages to be so stable in spite of the massive power it has is admirable. And it makes it so much more of a doddle to drive than you might reasonably expect.
So with the Ferrari FXXK, the track day version of the LaFerrari, now in Forza 6, you’d expect more of the same. Only even better. Faster, even better cornering…just better in every way.
1035bhp sounds like a remarkable amount. But it doesn’t feel anything like that much when you’re driving it. I suspect it’s probably down to the way it works. 187hp of it comes from the electric motor and it seems to run out real quick. But it also creates another problem.
The torque from the electric motor is instant, which means as soon as you touch the throttle, you feel it. But this can make it a bit of a handful coming out of a corner. This wasn’t a problem in the LaFerrari, since it overcame that all pretty well. Maybe the extra power from the 6.3-litre V12, now up to 848bhp, has something to do with it…but then again, this is meant to be a track day car. It’s supposed to have enough racing paraphernalia to make it properly good in the corners. And yet it struggles through them.
Perhaps a more likely reason for the disappointing straight line speed is the extra downforce. In any case, it’ll still do nearly 200 down Monza’s home straight, but it does make itself felt around 150. But it’s justifiable because it’d make the cornering even better, surely.
But it doesn’t help. Because the engine is still too much for it to handle now, for whatever reason. So the downforce mostly makes no difference. Again, there is no real reason why this should be when the road-legal LaFerrari coped with corners like these fine. Instead, the FXXK ends up spinning round. A lot.
It’s not as if weight is a big issue. 1285kg is pretty good for a car of this type, albeit heavy for a racer, and it makes the 1035hp look rather less impressive too. Still, the FXXK does not go as well as the game might suggest it does.
The acceleration is not really there either, because the wheels are spinning so often. This brings me on to one big problem with the FXXK; some of the gearing. 1st gear tends to be all absolutely fine for the car. Of course it swings about as it sets off, but that’s to be expected given the characteristics of the car. But if you’re in 2nd gear, you’d better not turn the wheel any more, because for no real reason, the FXXK is very incapable of dealing with its wheelspin.
So many times I ended up in second gear, and trying to accelerate out of a corner, it just went and spun without even giving me a chance. At Monza it could fall foul of this at every single corner. I suppose that’s the fundamental problem with the FXXK – it doesn’t let you shake it about. You have to put all your effort into keeping it still, when really what you want is a little leeway to do as you please with it. It’s only going to favour a limited number of drivers, the FXXK.
Then there’s the other big problem with the FXXK, the braking. This isn’t as good as a car as high speed as this would appear and it shows. It’s worth noting that whilst it seemed pretty nifty coming to a standstill from 200mph, actually braking and turning into a corner gave it real trouble. Which is a problem when you’re trying to aim for the apexes at the chicanes of Monza then realising that rather than hitting them, you’re going to smash right through them and onto the kerbs/into the gravel/into the tyre barriers.
And again, there is no real excuse for this. Because LaFerrari has even better brakes if you find yourself suddenly needing to come to a standstill, feels faster in a straight line, much more forgiving and rewarding in the corners and slicker off the line.
The result is that I can’t recommend the FXXK in any real capacity. I suspect Forza has massively overrated the car. If you want to drive something of its supposed calibre, take the properly fast yet manageable Koenigsegg One:1 instead. If you want to drive a LaFerrari, take a normal one and modify it up to the FXXK’s level. Provided that doesn’t ruin it in the process.

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