Forza Motorsport 6: Chevrolet El Camino

I first heard of the El Camino through Classic Game Room, a YouTube show where the host Mark seemed to talk about it never-endingly in any racing game. He talked of fitting it with ludicrous sci-fi stuff as he always does, and I just had to question “What is this El Camino?!”
Turns out it’s a muscle car that is also a pickup truck. Which makes it a ute, technically. Although it hasn’t ever been classified as such, really.
It is a pretty mad concept, though. However, whilst many a fusion of different car types has ended badly, giving you the worst of both worlds, this one seems to offer the best of both.
It’s got the power, the weight is about what you’d expect – heavy – and it’s got the stereotypical V8 sound. That said, unlike most muscle cars I’ve encountered it does seem to be geared for rather more than the quarter mile, since here the gearing is actually quite long, particularly 1st.
The obviously completely unorthodox back end does its job too, by actually distinguishing the El Camino from other cars of its ilk and meaning that, unlike most of them, it does look quite unlike anything else in its class. That alone is reason enough for picking it over something else.
Unfortunately the choice of colours isn’t quite as mad as some muscle cars get. It’s still fine, and this light gold is what I’d take over the rest. But hey, Chevy has never done it to the level of some. Not all muscle cars can be winners.
To drive, it honestly isn’t really anything special. It’s just your basic RWD behaviour, sliding about a lot and with the weight not really getting anywhere. But then you aren’t really buying this car to drive it, surely? I mean if you wanted something for driving you’d get something lighter, more modern and less of a handful.
Unfortunately, I realised rather too late that it wasn’t just basic RWD behaviour it exhibits, but basic muscle car behaviour. Which meant that as tried to go flat out through Bathurst’s The Chase, it didn’t stand a chance. It just went right off, and then it did this…
So, yeah. Not one for driving, the El Camino. But then again, when it looks so mad, who really cares? You’ve got it for the charm, not the cornering.
Oh, and of course CGR Mark did get one eventually…it lies in his big room amongst all the arcade machines generally looking awesome. You know you’ve made it when you’ve got a room like that!

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