Forza Motorsport 6: A few smaller reviews

Toyota TS040 & Porsche 919
You and I can talk up and race our favourite prototypes all day long. But the fact is, if you want to win the most races in one, you have to take one of the modern ones.
And while the Peugeot 908 is possibly the fastest of them all, it will probably try and kill you too often for your liking. So the safest option is one of the most current breeds: the hybrid bunch. And Toyota and Porsche have two of the cars to go for in that regard. Sure, Audi also have two R18s but as Audis they are simply far too boring to take and so you really ought to spice it up with one of the other two.
The advantages these prototypes have are clear to see. They accelerate from a standing start faster than anything else, and without a hint of disturbance. They can accelerate out of corners without trying to kill you. And, whilst not unique to them, their stopping power is phenomenal with their immense brakes. The only sacrifice is a hint of extra understeer, and that’s not the end of the world.
So which of these two should you take? Well, in an ordinary capacity, the 919, obviously. It’s clearly more powerful, lighter, and is therefore the better for it. And it’s not like the driving characteristics differ from the Toyota either. But there is something rather nice and soulful about the TS040’s engine note. And until Toyota wins Le Mans (if it does), it is gonna go down as its best chance of Le Mans victory. One of the cars that should’ve Le Mans, but it got away from them. And that makes me feel sorry for it. So that’s why I’d pick it. But you’ll be wanting the Porsche otherwise.
Lykan HyperSport
Coming from that most powerful of car making nations, Lebanon (with the United Arab Emirates behind it, admittedly) came W Motors’ Lykan HyperSport in 2013. No, I hadn’t heard of it before Project CARS either, but it’s now in Forza 6 too. The third most expensive car built to date, thanks to headlights with embedded jewels, it looks a properly good proposition with 740bhp and a weight of 1380kg. But can it really match up more established rivals?
Well, I think it looks pretty good in any case. Only in white though. Mostly because it seems to eccentuate that rather good looking sideblade most of all. And the interior looks funky too. Although when I say, interior, I mean ‘dashboard’. The rev ‘counter’ graphics looks utterly mad and would probably be of no help at all in real life but not only do they do a good job making the car feel faster, but I think they look pretty great, if I say so myself.
But in terms of driving the car is an odd one to judge. The speed is obviously undeniable but when it came to turning the wheel, it didn’t feel that rewarding. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. I suppose most notably that it could get into some slides but it could also spin at times while trying them. It isn’t surprisingly stable nor completely deranged: it’s in sort of a lukewarm point between the two extremes.
What probably made it all a bit weird most of all was the sound. Something like this would normally have a screaming exhaust note crying for blood at the back. But this has a 3.7-litre flat-6 from a Ruf in the back. So actually what it sounds like is a tuned up JDM car. Which this emphatically is not. Really then, it’s difficult to sum up the Lykan in any reasonable way at all. But put it this way: be glad you get it free with the DLC. Because it’s certainly not worth 1.5 million credits in this game.
Audi R8 V10 Plus
I know for a fact that the one car that attracts females most is the previous gen Audi R8. And that’s not just based on the fact my mum once said it’d be her ideal car. Because I’d heard some of her friends, when cars come up, saying that the R8 is their ideal car too. And when the subject comes up with girls my age, they say something similar as well.
So you’d expect Audi to have made sure its new R8 would be even more attractive to females. Sadly, I cannot report on this, because when it was launched, the one person it attracted most was…me. I just saw the looks and thought it was just so right in every way. I loved that front end, and the big rear end, and yet you’d very obviously still recognise it as an R8. If there is one big flaw, it’d be the fact they’ve now split the sideblade in half; it looked wonderful on the first one and now it’s not really there any more. Let me have my silver/carbon combo, goddamnit! (I’m also not sure about the spoiler on this plus model but I suppose they’d always let you take it off.)
If I’m honest though, that wasn’t the biggest attraction with the new R8. Above all was the fact they were finally putting the e-tron into production, and the stats looked pretty remarkable. But as far as I can see, it looks like Audi have decided not to bother again. The dirty backstabbers. I wish upon them eternal failure at Le Mans and many emissions scandals. No, hang on…
The R8 V10 has gone into production now though and I’m not sure the motoring press are sold on it. Quite apart from a little criticism towards Audi’s perhaps futile attempts to put as much practicality as possible into that most impractical of things, a supercar, many point out, correctly, that it’s all very similar to a Lamborghini Huracan – because that’s what it’s based off. Both cars are in Forza 6 and I have driven the Huracan. But that is a shouty car with a ridiculously loose back end that makes it far too hot to handle. The Audi, meanwhile, is far calmer both in terms of sound and cornering. It’s very planted, which is always a good thing. But unfortunately it’s not perfect. Indeed, through the corners, it’s all a bit hit and miss. Sometimes, with no real warning, a lot of understeer will get you and it will hit pretty hard. It’s probably possible to prevent this. If you’re a very good driver, it’ll be very easy to overcome and you’ll probably get the best out of the R8. But if not, it is not the most forgiving car at all. Still, it’s far from totally hopeless and you can definitely drive it with reasonable confidence. Just make sure you get back to me on if it pulls any birds or not.

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